“Innately empowering and humanising: We all need more of this!”

Interview with PowerWood’s Director Carolyn Sargentson I had seen Simone’s [founder of PowerWood] stand at a home education camp – […]

“How did I survive against the odds?”

Protective factors against suicide for children and teens I was a very unhappy 12-year-old.  Being too tall, too feminine and […]

Supporting Children through Transitions – Tips, Tools & Strategies

Simone’s First Vlog It is quite a common issue for our children and also for us to struggle with transitions. […]

Overwhelmed by Guilt and Shame while Parenting? Congrats!

Or Explanation of the Gap-Energy “When Mark (4) kicks his younger brother (3) I feel so helpless and often start […]

How to stop hurting when our Child is in Pain

When I asked in the PowerWood Closed Group on FaceBook what subjects you would like me to write about, one […]

Multilevel Emotion Regulation Theory (MERT)

Introduction MERT Multilevel Emotion Regulation Theory (MERT)    © Simone de Hoogh – Preliminary Version For (More)Able Neurodiverse Children, Teens and […]

The Cycle of Emotional and Sensory Overload

The Cycle of Emotional and Sensory Overload gives you a compassionate perspective on ‘naughty’ behaviour in our children and out […]