In the spirit of keeping things simple this year, the children and I have put together these two short and easy but no less fun mini-tutorials, for a bit of crafty Christmas making.

The robin craft is designed to be either a unique Christmas card greeting, or a hanging decoration or even both! To make this we used an easy to follow YouTube tutorial on how to fold a basic bird shape – that we could then turn into a robin by decorating it. We all worked through this tutorial together and the children found it very do-able (they are age 8+) with minimal assistance needed. They both had a lot of fun doing this, joking and chattering away whilst folding!

Origami is another craft that I have found to be generally very popular, despite the perceived precision required for the folding. I’ve found that once children get to grips with folding a few shapes – entire imaginary worlds and games unfold from the things they have made!

You don’t need many materials for this craft at all, and the 3d nature of this little robin will make it a very personal greeting if you choose to use it as a card! 😊 

If you get into the swing of origami folding, why not try some other festive shapes – stars, snowflakes, or if you’re feeling ambitious – reindeer? Plain A4 paper cut into a square (dimensions will vary according to what you are folding) is perfectly adequate to have a go, and leaves room for your own decorating, and there are plenty of origami tutorials on YouTube. 

The little tree decoration was a collaboration between me and my daughter. We both love Kawaii, and giving decorations a very simple Kawaii face instantly brings them to life and transforms them into cute little friends. Again, this craft doesn’t require much in the way of materials, except Polymer Clay. If you don’t already have some, I can recommend it as a versatile craft material that can be used for so many things!

If you’ve enjoyed making a Kawaii tree polymer clay decoration, why not make a few friends and characters to go with it? Kawaii stars, snow mem & ladies, elves, ball-balls, gingerbread houses, candy canes, could all be made into simple, cute and friendly hanging decorations or charms 😊

The origami bird tutorial that we used can be found here.

And if you would like to make an origami envelope for your robin but would like some pointers, try this, adapting the size to suit your robin card, if need be. 

Wishing you all a peaceful festive season, and some time…

Happy Crafting!

© Abigail Cole 2020

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