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Thinking of summer days on the way and more time spent outside, perhaps working or resting in the garden, or even just having windows open more to let the air flow, this is a sweet craft to add a gentle touch of whimsy and soothing sound to the longer days. It would also make a lovely accompaniment to any seasonal solstice celebrations.

Using mainly recycled materials, it is also a fun sensory activity to explore ways in which different household objects might make different sounds when they ‘clash’ against each other. The ‘chimes’ can me made from all kinds of things, from wooden beads, metal beads, painted pegs, nuts & bolts or other recycled metallic DIY related ‘junk’, paperclips, bottle-tops, even small plastic recycled yoghurt pots will have an interesting sound of their own! You might like some sounds, but not others, feel free to have some fun exploring to find out 😊

Decorate your windchime base in summery colours, or anything that feels cheerful to you – you can even embellish with gems and buttons if you like, and varnish with something like ‘Mod Podge’ for weather-proofing*, if you think you would like to hang our windchimes outside.

Younger children will need some help making holes in the base, and may also need some help tying on the chimes, although practice with attaching/tying knots and beading make for great fine-motor skill practice.  

Wishing you plenty of warm summer days ahead and,

Happy Crafting! 

*Note: Mod Podge will act as a varnish/sealer and give light protection from the elements but is not 100% waterproof. Feel free to use a stronger varnish on your creation if you will be placing it outside all summer 🙂


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