By Rohan (12) and Dalia (9)

Hi there! We’re back, and so is Bluey! We’re here to try and cram as much catty cuteness into your heads as possible. Enjoy!

If I fits, I sits.

Bluey is a keen follower of the If I fits, I sits philosophy and tried to apply this to his everyday lifestyle. One of the ways he does this is by trying to sit in every nook and cranny of the house, garden, and garage, and recently he has found a new one, previously hidden in plain sight…

…the back of our father’s chair, and preferably with his shoulder there as well. This is a new behaviour of Bluey’s, one that he has started since my mother and father moved the table in the living room and my father’s chair is in a new position. Bluey climbs up on another chair nearby, to get onto my father’s chair. Now, most times when we eat there, he is there, somehow managing to balance on the top of the back of a chair right by my father’s shoulders, and he occasionally tries to leap down on to the table, and steal some food ( much to the dismay of everyone – especially to the poor soul who has to deal with his rear end in their face as he jumps down). He will continue to find new spots located all around our house, such as the back of the chairs, or the outdoor guinea pig hutch.

Here is a picture of him hiding behind my aloe vera plant.

Cuddle, Scratch, Return. Cuddle, Scratch, Return.

Bluey, as much as I believe he would hate to admit it, is a sufferer of behaviour loops (either that or he has chronic boredom). For example, at dinner time, for us humans, Bluey might come and sit at the bottom of our chairs, as he knows that is the area where most excess food spills, then he might jump up, to be stroked, and then he might spend a minute licking himself clean. He has a favourite spot in the living room, not far away from the dinner table, that he likes to go and dig and scratch at – even though it is wooden floor and doesn’t go anywhere! He’ll sit, jump-up, lick, dig, and come back and do it all again! Going through this cycle once and being done with it would have been totally respectable cat behaviour, but as you should know by now, the respectable, normal cat isn’t exactly the image Bluey is going for. He has to do it all again. And again. And again, until eventually he miraculously realises that he has already done all of these things and doesn’t need to continue this pattern. The same phenomenon occurs with lots of Bluey’s behaviours.

We hope you have enjoyed this episode of the adventures of Bluey and all his funny behaviours. He is very entertaining to us every single day!

© By Rohan (12) and Dalia (9) 2020

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